Rock Solid Signs

Need help finding that perfect gift that will last forever?

Looking to add a special item to your landscape or home décor?

Whether you are looking for Wedding Stones, Memorial Stones, Welcome Signs, Garden Rocks, Pet Memorials, or Business Signs, chances are we can create something you can cherish for a lifetime.

We have a variety of stones already completed and ready for you to take home. Or, feel free to contact us with your ideas for a custom-designed rock.

Rock Solid Signs uses the finest quality sandstone which we bring in from the Rocky Mountain Foothills of Alberta and British Columbia.  In order to give customers a greater selection of rocks, we venture to the United States and return with beautiful rocks from Montana, Arizona and Colorado.  Because not all rock or stone can be engraved, we are very particular about the materials we use to ensure that you get a quality finished product. The process is a long and intricate one, however the results are worthwhile, and as you know, once something is written in stone — it lasts and lasts!

We hope you find our creations truly unique and inspiring. Please feel free to contact us with your comments or questions.