So, who is the mastermind behind Rock Solid Signs?

Well, mastermind may be a little extreme. However, Brad hatched the idea in the summer of 2000 after he and wife, Renee, returned home from a visit to his parents in Mesa, Arizona that winter. They brought home a beautiful stone sign to place in front of their home in Lumsden, Saskatchewan.

After countless inquiries as to the origin of the sign, and people asking where they could get their own, Brad began to realize that this was a market with plenty of interest.

Brad spent the next few years researching the concept and contacting different people in the industry. By 2004, after overcoming several obstacles and setbacks, he solidified a great supplier of sandstone and acquired the extensive equipment needed to create the beautiful work. With that, he lept into the market.

The result is a true family-operated effort, with Renee being the creative mind behind the designs, Brad doing the engraving and various “grunt jobs”, and their two awesome kids helping out in any way possible.

Renee and Brad are thankful to their families for their support, their customers for their business, and God for his continued Blessings in their lives.